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Are you a Competition Shooter or Hunter? 

We are looking for you! We offer a Sponsorship & Referral Trade Program for all levels of competition shooters and hunters! It's an easy way to earn credit to purchase industry related items, and also to make money! We offer 2 programs! 

Sponsorship Trade Program: This is for the competitive shooter or hunter. You compete in your events, and earn credit to purchase items from us. We ask that you tag us in your social media posts. It's that simple! You can earn up to $75  in in-store/online store credit for the events you participate in. 

Referal Trade Progam: This is for both the competitive shooter or hunter AND those industry related social media influencers! This is a way to make money and get paid!!! It's simple, you promote us on your social media, a customer purchases from our online store with a code you provide them, and we send you a check at the end of the month for all your referals who purchased from us! A percentage of the sales go to you!


-Do you have a social media account (facebook, instagram, twitter, Rumble, or ect..)?

- Do you have over 1000 Follower's in any one social media account? 

-Do you actively participate in competitive shooting or hunts more than once a year?

If you said Yes to these requirements, you could qualify for both Trade programs! Send us an email or give us a call to inquire about joining our Sponsorship & Referral Trade Program!