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New Oregon Gun Laws (pending)

What the summer of 2023 looking like for Oregon Gun Owners? This question is on every Oregonians mind as Measure 114 just finished it's Federal court case. The Federal judge has yet to decide if Measure 114 violates the US Constitution. We should know the answer to this by the end of the June if not within this coming week. The ruling of this case will set the precedence for the Measure 114 September State Court Case. In 15 days (June 25th) is the last day of the Oregon State Legistlative session, which that will come to a close; and that last day is said to be the day when Oregon Republican Senators come back to the senate floor to vote. Oregon Senate Bill 348 will come up for voting. For those that are not familiar with SB348 (It's ...  Read More

OR Senate (R.) Walkout Saving Guns Rights!

Oregon Republican Senators are saving Parental Protections, Minors, and Gun rights by walking off the Senate Floor! So, what's the deal with the Oregon Republican Senators holding a walkout until the last day of legislation? What are they doing since they are not on the Senate floor for voting? Also, what's going on with Senate Bill (S.B.) 348 (measure 114 repackaged)? Theres accumulating questions that we will answer for those who would like to be in the know! The Oregon Republican Senators have staged a walk out for weeks now. The left says its "typical Republican behavior, or they are children", but thats the ignorant speaking. It's for a good cause, and the cause tackles many bills that have alarming concerns for the everyday cit...  Read More

Measure 114 Repackaged on Steroids! Senate Bill 348

Oregon Senate Bill 348 Oregon Democrats are at it again! Since measure 114 got caught up in court (Thank Goodness for Harney County), the Oregon House Democrats proposed THREE Anti-2A bills. Housebill 2005,2006, 2007. All of which have now been repackaged into Senate Bill (SB) 348! SB 348 will cause our already overwhelmed Police deparments to be further swampped. Raising the age to purchase a long arm from age 18 to 21 violates the 2nd Amendment (Unconsitutional) and violates federal law - the Gun Control Act of 1968.  So what is SB348? Please read below! Main parts of SB348: -Raises age to purchase firearm from 18 to 21. -Permit to purchase firearm. -Permit price $150 with $110 yearly renewal. -Hi capacity magazine ban - 10 rou...  Read More